Dream Team

2024 SisterSpirit Dream Team

dream team

/ˈdrēm ˌtēm/


Cheryl Gifford

My wife, Cathy, and I come from Eugene, Oregon. I don't know how many years I've been coming to the retreat, but I started near the beginning and have been a Dreamster or Dream Team member almost from the start. When not transporting the props and supplies for SisterSpirit, I am the creative talent behind "special projects." My enthusiasm and love for SisterSpirit is contagious and I've had many family members and friends who have joined the SisterSpirit family. SisterSpirit lets me play in nature and share my campcrafting skills while experiencing unconditional acceptance and love with my sisters. 

Cathy Gucker

Born in Florida, raised my children in Alaska, and moved to Oregon in 2016. I attended my first SisterSpirit in 2016; I got hooked on the love, joy, fun and magic including all the magnificent women I have met year after year. SisterSpirit has really transformed my life and relationships with a deeper connection to Spirit and people. On the Dream Team I assist with correspondence and registration & enjoy creating personalized welcome gifts for the participants. I want to  make sure everyone feels loved & appreciated. I communicate with those emailing in questions and comments quite often and have the task of reminders of due dates, etc. It is my honor to serve in this way.

Marylyn Kirk

I am a licensed Practitioner with Rio Grande CSL, in Albuquerque, NM. I am the lead for SisterSpirit registration and have been part of the Dream Team since its beginning in 2007! The best part about being part of the team is the creativity, fun, dreaming things up, and the impact of the retreat on women's lives. SisterSpirit is the highlight of my year! 

Julieanna Smith

Originally from the Bay Area, California, I now live in the VERY sunny Phoenix valley in Arizona. I have attended SisterSpirit for over 15 years and have served in some capacity for most of them. I started out as a casual volunteer, then became a Dreamster for several years before becoming a member of the Dream Team. I have served on the Dream Team since 2019. I am currently the Dream Team’s Dreamster Liaison, and I also assist with logistics, finances, and workshop coordination. SisterSpirit has been life-changing for me in that I had never known how much I needed a tribe of women until I attended my first retreat. Since then, I know I have found my people and all I have ever wanted to do is to serve my Sisters and to help in creating a beautiful, life-changing experience for others, the way it was created for me. I can’t think of any other place I would have had such an opportunity or the epiphany that this was something I wanted to do with intention and I can’t imagine being supported in that desire as fully as I am by this group of women. I am grateful every day for all of the ways SisterSpirit has upgraded me and, in turn, my life.

Michelle Lang

I am from Napa, California attending and serving at the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living. My first retreat was in 2016 where I enjoyed being a full -on participant. That experience led me to say, "Yes!" to stepping onto the Dream Team. I wear many hats in order to use my strengths to serve the team and the people who attend. Among the ways I serve are website updates, registration assistant, financial team, official meeting minutes note taker on our monthly zoom meeting calls, workshop coordinator, crafts assistant, and flowers for participants on the grounds. My life is rich with connection, service, and joyful love by serving on the SisterSpirit Dream Team. 

Rev. Lynda Lundry-Starr

Originally from San Jose, CA, I serve as Co-Minister of Emerald Valley Center for Spiritual Living in Eugene, Oregon. I first attended SisterSpirit in 2010 where I experienced revelation and transformation that became the catalyst for living my best life ever as a minister and singer / songwriter. I joined the Dream Team three years later and am so grateful for this transformative retreat that serves my spiritual growth, while I serve others. My strengths are logistics and sound production, and supporting the guest artists with their needs. I am the Director and MC of Divine Expression Theatre and enjoy encouraging others into authentic expression.

Rev. Abigail Schairer