About SisterSpirit

About SisterSpirit Retreat

SisterSpirit is a spiritually-focused fun, dynamic and transformational retreat for women aged 18 and older. This retreat is designed especially for you. Join us at our new location at the Seabeck Conference Center, near Seattle, Washington.

Some highlights of SisterSpirit retreat include powerful speakers, inspiring live music, a drum circle, Divine Expression Theater, crafts, and workshops. There’s plenty of fun, laughter, soul exploration and free time for personal reflection or rest. While the retreat has a schedule that helps you focus on a central theme, you can participate as much as you choose and attend only those events you wish.

Women’s lives have been transformed from this retreat, deep friendships have been forged and a truly magical experience is revealed. This retreat is for YOU. Feed your heart and soul. Connect and be nurtured by extraordinary women. Relax and give yourself a treat. You deserve it!

Come As You Are

This retreat is for YOU and all you need do is take care of yourself. We love you exactly as you are. You can let your hair down and come in your PJs if you want to.

Warning: this retreat may cause personal transformation, realization, joy-flashes, bonding, and utter hilarity!