Important Things To Know

Things to know for registered Sisters...



Hello there from Rev. Abigail and the Dream Team!

It’s getting close! 2024 SisterSpirit is just a few weeks away, we are excitedly preparing for your arrivalThere’s lots of juicy information in this letter – created to answer all your questions!


Please read this letter carefully, as there are some very important steps and updates that you must know prior to traveling to Seabeck Conference Center and while onsite with us for the event. Keep this letter handy! 


COVID-19 safety measures: Currently there is no face mask requirement for the retreat.  Washington State officials advise people to continue wearing properly fitted face masks in most indoor settings. Mask wearing is your choice. You may also choose to eat outside in the covered Pavilion (dress warmly or bring a blanket!).  Remember that Seabeck policy requires that anyone testing positive or showing signs of COVID-19 should leave the campus grounds immediately.  


Cancellations: If you are unable to attend the retreat for any reason, it is important that you contact Marylyn Kirk at 408-504-5121 or Cathy Gucker at 541-222-0863 (texting is ok) as soon as you can so that we won’t worry about you. If you cannot attend, but have a substitute who can, we need to know as soon as possible so appropriate arrangements can be made.  There is limited cell phone reception depending on your carrier. If you cannot reach us, please call the Seabeck Conference Center at 360-830-5010 and leave a message.


Refunds: Refunds are available only if you cancel by March 28th, and the cancellation is for a medical emergency. Examples of medical emergencies are:

*         You test positive for COVID-19 after 3/25/24, or you are in close proximity and exposed to a COVID-19 positive person on or after 3/25/24.

*         You are personally taking care of a COVID-19 positive family member, or you have a COVID-19 positive family member in the hospital.

*         You are seen in the Emergency Room or admitted to the hospital for any reason.

*         Recent death of an immediate family member

For anyone canceling their registration by March 28th and requesting a refund based on a medical emergency, we will refund 50% of the amount paid minus the $50 administrative fee.


Arrival and Departure: Please arrive at Seabeck on Thursday, April 4th, between 1:15-3:30pm to check-in. This will provide adequate time for you to check in at the Historic Inn lobby and unload your gear before our first gathering. Travel time from SEA-TAC is approximately 2 hours (68.5 mi) via I-5 S and WA-16 W, and no ferry crossing is required. If traveling from North of Seattle, please allow plenty of time to take the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry or the Seattle/Bremerton Ferry. The Ferry schedules can be found at: Our closing ceremony will be on Sunday morning followed by lunch. Please honor your commitment to arrive on time and remain until the end of the retreat on Sunday.  Plan to depart Seabeck by 2:00pm on Sunday. Seabeck policy requires that all attendees have left the campus by 2:00pm. 

Carpool: Please make your own carpool arrangements on the Google doc located at 2024 SisterSpirit Carpool link. It's fun to share a ride with someone and make a new friend while being environmentally friendly. Be sure to share the cost of gas, tolls, car rental or ferry expenses with your driver. If you have a car with extra space for passengers, please consider helping and add your name to the carpool list. Many of our attendees are from out of state.


Shuttle Transportation: If you fly into the Seattle (SEA-SeaTac) airport, you can take a shuttle to Silverdale (nearby city to Seabeck) with Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter Shuttle. Upon arrival at SeaTac airport, head down to carousel 3 baggage claim. You will see a kiosk with the words Kitsap Airporter. Pay for a $39 one-way ticket to Silverdale. The shuttle stops at the airport at the top of the hour from 4am-9pm. Hand your ticket to the driver of the shuttle bus (a white bus with Kitsap Airporter on the side.) You will need to make a reservation for your return trip from Silverdale to the airport. Schedule, reservations, and fares can be found at: Once you arrive in Silverdale, take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft from Silverdale to Seabeck. You will need to make your own transportation arrangements.


Informational volunteer meeting, Welcome gathering, and Orientation: If you are interested in being in sacred service during the retreat, there will be an informational volunteer meeting at 4:15pm in the Meeting Room in PINES first floor meeting room, followed by our Welcome Gathering and Orientation meeting for everyone at 5:00pm in the same location. Dinner will follow at 6:00pm in the DINING ROOM at mid-campus. Our first Session and Opening Ceremony will be at 7:30pm in Pines first floor meeting room. For the retreat Daily Schedule-click 2024 SisterSpirit Agenda


Meals: If you are a vegetarian/vegan and indicated this on your registration form, there will be appropriate food choices for you. Our caterer has been informed of any special diets or food allergies that you may have listed. There is a small, shared refrigerator in the Dining Room for special food needs or to store required medications. Or you can bring your own cooler. Ice is available on the porch outside the Dining Room for a nominal fee (couple of dollars). There are also refrigerators in Pines first floor kitchen. Remember to label your food. If not labeled it may be shared with others.


Bathrooms/showers and linens: Bathrooms and showers are shared with your roommate(s). All bedding, pillows, towels, and washcloths are provided. The downstairs rooms in Salal and Hemlock, and all rooms in Pines are ADA accessible.

What to Bring: The full list of recommended items is on the "What to Bring" page.  


Fun Clothing: The Dream Team is planning to wear certain colors for each of the main sessions and we invite you to join in. Of course, this is optional!

        Thursday PM:  The Sun-Symbolizing passions, energy, the spark of life and manifestation.  Invitation to wear red, orange, yellow-fire colors.

        Friday AM: The Pleiades-Charting our inner stars. Invitation to wear silver or metallic colors.

        Friday PM: The Black Hole Portal-Representing the Dark Night of the Soul and the Mystery. Feeling supported and loved through any dark phases we may have. Invitation to wear goth or black clothes.

        Saturday AM: The Eagle Nebula-The place of new beginnings, the birthplace of stars, the rebirth and ascension of a new vision, an awareness of soaring to greater possibilities. Invitation to wear PJs and Onesies.

        Sunday AM: The Universe-Embodied wholeness, integration, the totality of all of it. Planetary shifting, Quantum jumping. Invitation to wear white, sparkles and bling.


Weather: Early April at Seabeck experiences almost constant cloud cover, with the percentage of time that the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy is about 68%. The average daily high temperature is 52 degrees and average low temperature is 36 degrees. There’s a 50% chance of rain or showers.


Cell Phone and Wi-Fi reception: Cell phone reception is limited especially with Sprint or AT&T carriers.  Wi-Fi service may be spotty. Be prepared to be "technologically unplugged" for a few days, just in case!  Seabeck has a 24-hour phone number to leave with your family, and it is 360-830-5010.


Artisan Faire: On Saturday afternoon there will be an Artisan Faire in Pines. If you have personally created arts, crafts, jewelry, pottery, fiber art, paintings, have authored a book or produced your own music (CDs or otherwise), this is YOUR time to shine. Price your items and bring your displays, your own change, Square or paper credit card authorization forms for sales. We can’t wait to see your creations!  It will be fun to support our sisters in their creative endeavors and purchase some unique items.  Bring some extra cash to go shopping! 


New this Year – Opportunity to join Sound Wellness Practitioners in Sound Bath:  

SisterSpirit is embracing the art of sound wellness by having a time during the retreat for sound wellness practitioners to come together and present a Sound Bath for the attendees. We are seeking those who have experience playing singing bowls (Tibetan or Crystal), gongs, drums, chimes, cymbals, bells, or any other instruments that could be included in an all-inclusive Sound Bath. There will be time for practice prior to the Sound Bath to make sure everyone is on the same page. Bring your instruments to the retreat and share with all of us the healing sounds that they produce. Any questions, contact Mar Le Faye at 


Mobile Sacred Sauna: If you paid for a sacred sauna session at registration, a sign-up sheet will be available at registration. There are sessions available each day, and there may be some openings at the retreat for an additional fee.  While there are no fixed rules about what to wear in a sauna, you should follow some general guidelines when choosing your attire. Ideally, you should opt for loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, or linen. These breathable fabrics promote better air circulation and moisture-wicking properties that help keep your skin dry while you sweat. You can also wear your swimsuit. Above all, just dress in a manner that ensures your comfort, hygiene, and safety.


Retreat spiritual leader, guest speaker & musician: Rev. Abigail Schairer is our retreat Spiritual Leader, main speaker, and facilitator. Several of the main sessions will also be facilitated by the Dream Team. The wonderful and inspiring Rev. Dr. Deborah Johnson is our featured speaker, and the amazing Dr. Karen Drucker, a dynamic singer, songwriter, and storyteller is our featured musician! Get ready for some powerful feminine energy!


Workshops & free time:  There will be a variety of workshops to choose from where supplies will be provided. You can also choose to skip the workshops and enjoy time to bask in the sun (or rain-LOL), take a nap, read a book, journal, or hike around the area. If you are interested in presenting a 1 ½ hour-2-hour workshop, please apply here:


Gently Used Gift Exchange: Should you have any gently used jewelry, other spiritual items, or books you would like to gift to someone else, please bring them to the Gift Exchange table.  If you find something you like, feel free to give that item a new loving home!


Divine Expression Theater:  Our Saturday night talent show, Divine Expression Theater, will be your chance to try out your entertainment skills. All performance pieces (songs, dances, skits, poetry, stand-up comedy, musical solos, whatever!) are welcome for your 3 minutes of fame. Be sure to bring any props, music, costumes, instruments, CDs, etc., that will enhance your special talents (especially sheet music if you want our fabulous musician to accompany you). Sign up for Divine Expression Theater at Registration when you arrive at Seabeck. (Remember to keep your presentation to Three minutes or less!)


SisterSpirit 2025 Pre-registration:  SisterSpirit 2025 will be held April 3-6, 2025. Pre-registration for 2025 will be available at the retreat. You can pre-register yourself and/or a friend or relative for next year for $99 each. This amount will apply to your 2025 registration fee, you will receive a $40 discount off the 2025 retreat, AND you will be able to register a few weeks ahead of regular registration. You will have first choice of lodging location before registration opens to the public. (Sorry we cannot pre-register your lodging as we may not know in advance what buildings will be available until the following year.) Checks, cash, or debit/credit cards are accepted for pre-registration.


We are super excited to see you again or meet for the first time.  We can’t wait to be with you at this transformational retreat where we will experience Transcendence through Cosmic Grace!  We will see you at Seabeck on Thursday, April 4th between 1:15 and 3:30pm


2024 SisterSpirit Dream Team Rev. Abigail Schairer, Marylyn Kirk, RScP, Cathy Gucker, Michelle Lang, Rev. Lynda Lundry-Starr, Cheryl Gifford, and Julieanna Smith