Seabeck Policy Update

Dear Registered Sisters,

Greetings! We are excited to join you at SisterSpirit March 30 through April 2, 2023. Each year we plan and produce a retreat that will inspire and encourage women to understand their Divine potential. We pray for you and your highest good.

We are sending you this letter to inform you of the latest updates we have received from the Seabeck Conference Center. We have just learned that Seabeck is no longer requiring COVID-19 testing for their guests. Your health and safety are very important to us. We still strongly recommend that each of you test within 72 hours of joining us at the retreat center so we can maintain a bubble of safety within our group. There will be other groups at Seabeck. Please note that there will be outside seating available for all meals.

We know that each of you have been making decisions regarding vaccination, masking, and social distancing from the beginning of this pandemic. We trust that each of you have been watching the signs and adjusting your safety precautions as circumstances demand to maintain your health and safety. Even though the precautions are no longer required by the retreat center, we trust in your ability to maintain your health. We know that you will determine your own comfort level on whether to mask and maintain social distance as circumstances dictate during our retreat together. We ask that if you feel any symptoms during our retreat that you test and assure the safety of all retreat attendees. We know that you will have opportunities for self-care and healing during the retreat. We trust that you know your body the best and will make choices that work for you, and we honor that. The changes in Seabeck Conference Center’s policies were unforeseen, and not under the control of SisterSpirit.

This is our 2023 cancellation policy:

Naturally, no one registers for a retreat with the intention of cancelling or postponing, but unexpected things do happen. This cancellation/refund policy is in place to help both the attendees and the retreat planning team work together in sharing expenses that may arise from unexpected cancellations. Depending on when you cancel, certain penalties may apply. 

Between 1/30/23 – 3/29/2023: An attendee may cancel their registration and request a refund based on a medical emergency.

*We will refund 50% of the amount paid minus the $50 administrative fee and non-refundable pre-registration fee (if paid in 2022). If a non-refundable pre-registration deposit was made in2022, this amount may instead be used as credit for the 2024 SisterSpirit in-person retreat, or we can transfer the pre-registration deposit to another participant upon request. The pre- registration deposit is not refundable as was stated at the time of pre-registration.

*A medical emergency is defined as follows:

Testing positive or exposure to a COVID-19 positive person on or after 3/15/23.

Taking care of a Covid positive family member in the home.

 Having a Covid positive family member in the hospital.

 Admitted to the hospital for any reason.

 Recent death of an immediate family member.

No refunds after 3/29/2023. Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason.

At this point in time, so close to the dates of the retreat, we have committed to a certain number of attendees for the retreat. We will be unable to make any refunds related to changes in Seabeck’s safety precautions. We desire to remain in integrity with you by sharing this information with you. We love you and look forward to sharing with you the greatest retreat ever!

We will be together soon,

Reverend Abigail Schairer and the Dream Team